This thread is mainly for Fresh team. Of course every one if welcome too. :)

Hi. After some play with FASM compiler (Look here: )
, I create variant of StdCall library with more advanced syntax. Here is a Fresh project using new macroses. They are very useful, because there is no need to add the name of the procedure in 'endp' and now you have ability to determine where is missing 'endp' statement. Look at file for details how to use these "debug" functions of the library. Try to switch to debug version and remove some endp statement, somewhere in the source. Try to compile.

What you think? Is it good to continue this way?

IMPORTANT: Attached source can be compiled ONLY with modified FASMW version from thread above.

Outdated file removed. Please see for new version.
Posted on 2003-09-30 14:41:07 by JohnFound