I'm looking for a simple way to measure the amount of data that goes through a network adapter or a TCP socket. I want to build a small tool, that shows the current capacity of a network connection (nice would be download / upload) like the sysmon tool.

I could only find functions in the performance counter API, but this seems to work only for NT/2K/XP. Some other tools work with an own VXD, but this is too much effort for me.
Posted on 2003-10-01 04:05:09 by beaster
I believe this would give you a good start.

Find TCPtable here:

Includes source.

Regards, P1 :cool:
Posted on 2003-10-01 12:41:03 by Pone
GREAT!! That's exactly what I was looking for :D
Posted on 2003-10-02 04:47:57 by beaster