I have decided not to continue development of PB2. As a result i am posting the final version of PB2 here. (If and when i get my website set up, i will place it there too.) This version fixes all the previously known bugs, and i have been using this fairly regularly.

Despite the discontinuation of PB2, i will begin development of PB3 later this year. Several features of PB3 require me to persue the completion of several other projects. The outcome of this is that it may be a while before the first version of PB3 is ready. I thought i would mention a few features that i intend to include in PB3:

1) The ability to handle all assemblers (and compilers for that matter)
2) The ability to add new tool profiles so that you can add custom build types (e.g. MASM - VxD) as well as the standard builds that it will come with
3) A system so that PB can determine which files need to be rebuilt and which are unchanged - this includes the ability to detect that unchanged files dependent upon other files need to be rebuilt. This will be particularly useful for large/huge projects with large numbers of source files
4) An alternate complex project mode that will allow complex custom builds with source file list files, switch list files, custom commandline operations and many more operations (i decided that this was necessary whilstworking for a software company during the summer where in single builds, 40+ libraries and 2 executables were produced from 2000 source files (averaging 1500 lines) with a further 3000 include files these files were in 5 languages, one of which was custom designed for that company and therefore had a non-standard compiler. To complicate matters many other command line operations had to be performed mid-build: as a result they had one of the messiest but most capable build tools that i have ever seen)
5) well, there are a few more features, but these are the main ones that i hope to implement (this maybe a bit ambitious, but why aim low?)

Any suggestions?

Posted on 2003-10-02 17:22:52 by Ossa
Oops... just noticed the "add-ins" sub forum :eek: - sorry :stupid:

Posted on 2003-10-02 17:26:02 by Ossa
Hi Ossa

Great work!

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Posted on 2003-10-03 04:57:29 by KetilO
To ossa,

Great work.
Thanks a lot to be so kind.
Posted on 2003-10-03 12:15:53 by ipadilla