i'm brand new to masm32 and i want to know how to compile my source code. please tell me which help file will show me how to do this. Thanks. Matt
Posted on 2003-10-03 00:31:40 by lschell1

read as much as you can from this site : http://win32asm.cjb.net/

have a look at this file

inside MAKEFILE you will see this

$(NAME).exe: $(NAME).obj
link /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /LIBPATH:c:\masm32\lib $(NAME).obj
$(NAME).obj: $(NAME).asm
ml /c /coff /Cp $(NAME).asm
Posted on 2003-10-03 01:55:28 by Azrim

For a start, try out one of the templates on the menu of the editor that comes with MASM32. Once you have it saved as a file, go to the project menu and run the assemble and link option.

MASM32 uses batch files to do the builds run from the editor and the batch files can be opened and read to get all of the assembler and link options used. Once you are familiar with how MASM32 builds exe files, you can set up as many as you like if you require different options.

Have a read through the help files on the help menu in the editor as there is a lot of useful information there to help you.

Posted on 2003-10-04 08:54:49 by hutch--