Posted on 2003-10-03 02:14:45 by Delight
I don't believe it was stolen that way. It takes an AOL monkey to have it stolen that way :/
Posted on 2003-10-03 04:07:27 by Hiroshimator
First, it's only the client SDK - not the game source.
Second, it's just the HL1 source modified to make it look like HL2.

People are just too na?ve to believe stuff like this.
Posted on 2003-10-03 05:14:40 by f0dder
Hmm. At first look, it seems tragical, but hey. I've seen the code of Quake2, Quake3, and some 3D games (their engines at least).
This hacker can now smash his head in the wall (of anger), coz he'll soon realize he can't do anything with this information (code) he stole. Sucker. Coz, even if he has the engine ready, he'll need to draw hell of a lot graphics, design 3D characters, animate them, make some plot, .....
Any picture/sound/model/level/behaviour he forgets to replace with his own, is evidence against him. So, he's got a chance of 1 against 100...0 to succeed. And by the time he makes it, the competition will have made a lot better games.
Practically, what this guy now has is nothing he can ever reveal/brag_about/sell. And several CDs that will collect dust.
Valve have nothing to fear, in other words.

: hah. Hmm. That Gabe says there really has been some unidentified traffic.
The source-code of the game, I suppose, is at least 7 CDs . Really hard to transfer. I wonder what the situation really is :)
Posted on 2003-10-03 05:21:22 by Ultrano
I took a look at the sources. It's almost 10000 files occupying about 260MB. Don't know if it's the real thing though :/
Posted on 2003-10-03 13:07:57 by Delight
Posted on 2003-10-03 14:03:22 by Tola
I haven't read it all (can't access the page) but, have the source been accessible via the inet? (=conected some how to the internet, either directly or via many computers doesn't matter, connected or not)
If so, then they have them selves to blaim, IMO, sources not intended for the inet shouldn't be on computers with inet access.
Posted on 2003-10-03 15:44:18 by scientica
I don't see why people consider this more damaging than all the pirating of the final copy... No one can use this source commercially, at least not as is... The best you can do is to learn how it was done, and that's always good. Sure, the cheaters have a head start in the aiming routines and so on, but it was going to happen anywhays... At least this forces some insight on that aspect of the game. IMO it's a great relief of the burden of NDA and all. Good times.
Posted on 2003-10-06 15:43:25 by FearHQ
"Periodically for the last year we've been the subject of a variety of denial of service attacks targetted at our webservers and at Steam"

And they haven't isolated their work from the net after that ????
Using outlook in an enterprise's intranet was a failure to begin with, it's security flaws are notorious.

"What I'd appreciate is the assistance of the community in tracking this down"

This last statement stinks to me, they put themselves into shit and yet they ask their customers (yes, don't forget that) to track the baddies for them, and of course the good little soldiers responded "sir yes sir".
("I kneel before our commander" <<< man, this one is a complete retard).

This make me sick.

Posted on 2003-10-07 06:09:34 by hitchhikr
lol That's really true :grin: :alright:
Two weeks ago I accidentally checked google's news, and there was some "auction" or something for HL2 - something to be sold either to ATI or nVidia. I had heard several months ago, that HL2 will make use of GeForces. But a few days ago imagine my suprise when I saw a trailer of HL2 ,and it said "GeForce4 isn't powerful enough to render such reallism". "Don't buy GeForce, buy ATI ..."
This really sucks - it's almost corruption to me. Can someone explain me what really has happened with this "auction" and "ATI is better". Was there any chance that the trailer said "use nVidia cards", if nVidia won at the "auction"?
Posted on 2003-10-07 06:33:47 by Ultrano
The nvidia cards just aren't powerful enough to run the advanced vertex/pixel shaders at full speed. HL2 just happens to be one of the first games to _really_ use ps/vs2.0. It's also clear from Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness, though. Iirc, the lowly radeon9600 was suspiciously close to GfFX cards in performance (suspicious because of the rather different pricetags.)

While I don't like what Valve is doing with steam, and almost agree that Outlook is a very bad choice, I don't think they deserve this, nor have brought it upon themselves. Face it: how many of you would like not having internet access from your development boxes?

And even if their source control server is only reachable from the LAN, even if they have strict firewalls, even if they're running fully NATed... it only takes one trojan, injecting itself into internet explorer address space, and making outgoing connection to port80...
Posted on 2003-10-07 07:47:05 by f0dder
After having read all the posts is this forum i:

1. wonder if this is not somekind of commercial trick from the publishers of that game (never heard about it before).

2. don't have much hope for the human gender.

3. don't give a fuck, after all.

Posted on 2003-10-07 08:04:32 by hitchhikr
I very much doubt it's a commercial trick, as they would be licensing this engine to other developers for lots of $$$

Reading the forum, I feel sick about humans, heh... then again, I hope they're just a bunch of teens, that would make their retardedness almost excusable (when combined with the fact that most of them are probably from the USA).

I do give a fuck, somehow. I'm looking forward to HL2 (though not to buying a radeon to be able to run it), and the delays annoy me. And I sorta feel sorry for valve - after all, they put quite some years of work into this.
Posted on 2003-10-07 08:13:32 by f0dder
The reason why they're so angry is that this will give cheaters a considerable headstart in making aimbots and the like. Whatever protection and/or obfuscation they put in is now essentially useless.
Posted on 2003-10-07 09:48:00 by Qweerdy
Made the front page of Yahoo today:

PARIS (AFP) - Vivendi Universal Games, a subsidiary of French media group Vivendi Universal, said it would be unable to launch its new computer game Half Life 2 in time for the end-of-the-year holidays following the theft of part of its code source.

"Vivendi Universal Games is only the distributor of the product, which is produced by the US studio Valve and so it will up to them to make an announcement," the head of Vivendi Universal Games International Christophe Ramboz told AFP.

"But it is true that the launch has been delayed by a theft of a part of the game."

He added however that it will be impossible for those who committed the theft to take advantage of it since they now possess only a third of the code.

The launch of Half Life 2, planned for this year, is now expected to boost sales next year, Ramboz said.

The French newspaper Les Echos, which revealed the incident, said a computer hacker had been able to break into the messaging system of Valve founder Gabe Newell to introduce software enabling the theft.

The launch delay is a blow to Vivendi Universal Games, which had been counting on Half Life 2 to compensate for the failure of another game, Hulk, in the first half of the year. The company had been banking on Half Life 2 to galvanize sales in the United States following a first half operating loss of 52 million euros (61 million dollars).

Posted on 2003-10-07 13:51:59 by S/390
I feel like a conspiracy theoretican now, but maybe this is just some trick hide the time it takes to develop it, or to cover up some mega blunder such as somebody accedentaly deleted the entire source tree so they have to go back to old backups and rewrite lot's of stuff
Posted on 2003-10-07 14:37:11 by scientica
And to cover something like that up, you would release a partial/slightly old source tree to an engine you would license for some hundred thousand $$$? Which contains NDA stuff licensed from other companies?
Posted on 2003-10-07 14:40:41 by f0dder
yeah really.. who would do that to them selfs... after looking at the source and how much is missing and the locations its missing.. i would not dought that the guy who releassed it has more then he releassed.. parts of it is missing from diff folders and if i remember correctly when you copy something it goes by folders and sub folders... so im asking why would valve have only part of there code located some where...

The hacker also anounced that valve is lieing and since they are hes going to releass the gold version of the code.. wich from what i read in a few of the bat files is in like a u: drive of one of valves computers... that may be why the hacker did not get it also..
Posted on 2003-10-09 16:17:07 by devilsclaw

To everyone saying this is no Beta: I'd like to point out that THIS is what you wanted Valve to release on 9/30/03, theres no such thing as a much better release in Valves network!
I suggested to Valve to stop lying to their customers about how much was stolen. However, they disregarded my statement and called me a liar. Now they will see how much I have been lying when I release the Pre-Gold and all 100 per cent of the sourcecode. Actions speak louder then words.

Anonymous Leaker

Where i read this say that: "Tomorrow we will see", I add and maybe some like karmak too :D.

Nice day.
Posted on 2003-10-09 21:17:03 by rea
yeah, carmack should at least put the hl2 water effects in doom 3, they look pretty neat :grin:
Posted on 2003-10-09 22:01:11 by Tola