Some example of the dialog box create using KetilO ResEd, compile using Sphinx C--. :cool:
Any comment ? :)
Posted on 2003-10-03 09:39:30 by QS_Ong

Thanks for your examples,nice to see here Sphinx C-- users.:alright:

Did you try to use the Sphinx C-- compiler with MS Link? You can find
here an example.
Also,you can use link C-- .obj files with GoLink,have a look at here
Posted on 2003-10-03 13:07:17 by Vortex
Hi Vortex,
Did you try to use the Sphinx C-- compiler with MS Link?
Not yet.

Attached here with some dialog boxes as main windows compile using Sphinx C--.
Also including sample program with tool bar.:)
May I know how long you know Sphinx C--, and how you know. :tongue:
Posted on 2003-10-04 02:12:58 by QS_Ong

May I know how long you know Sphinx C--, and how you know. :tongue:

Maybe,I am not an expert of C-- but I try to learn about it with my best intention.
What do you mean with "...and how you know":rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-10-04 03:53:32 by Vortex
Hi Vortex,
I also not the Sphinx C-- expert. Did you see the smile example convert from Thomas convert into c-- by Shaker. He really C-- GURU. Recently I'm trying to code an IDE for Sphinx C--. Not by myself, just copying some asm code from others & convert it into C--. I know C-- when search for dos32 example in the net. Here it seem that you and I are interested in C--.
BTW how you do this

Originally post by ASM

Posted on 2003-10-04 12:46:26 by QS_Ong
Hi ASM, :)

Yes,you are right,Sheker is the master of C--.
Your C-- examples are nice,I'll study them.
The idea of coding an IDE for C-- is a good one.

About the quote:

Click the quote button and edit the text,it's very easy:
Posted on 2003-10-05 05:38:36 by Vortex

Your menu and multi dialog examples are crashing on my Win95b (a stack fault is occuring)
I recompiled your examples and now they running without any problem on my Win95b. :)
Also,a little correction in your multi dialog example:

SendMessage(hEdit,WM_GETTEXT,1+TextLen,#buffer); /*instead of TextLen*/

Thanks for your examples,

Posted on 2003-10-05 09:38:52 by Vortex
Attached here with Simple Sphinx C-- IDE.
- Syntax highlighting.
- SDI (single document interface, pls improve it)
- Compile, run (capture output to output window)
(Some idea copy from Hutch, KetilO, TBD)

Posted on 2003-10-16 09:25:33 by QS_Ong

I will try your IDE.
Posted on 2003-10-16 12:33:45 by Vortex
Anyone know how to solve this:
Open C--IDE, open a C-- file, the property window show some function, open another c-- file, the property window show some function in 2nd file, click on the first file tab, the property window did not show any function

Posted on 2003-10-21 09:49:43 by QS_Ong