I was using Farstones VirtualDrive 2000 for creating game cd images on to the hard drive.

Now i wonder how exactly a cd rom emulator works? and how the same can be implemented through masm?

I didn't know where exactly to ask, so pardon me if its a wrong place.

But please impart any information about it to me as its my next project,

thanks in adv
Posted on 2003-10-03 11:55:59 by ajith
Hi, ajith.
I have never implemented this kind of program, but as far as I know it works by coding a custom driver, that simulates an actual hardware drive. The simulator actually reads a CD image, and interfaces with the OS as if the data came from the hardware. Naturally the OS can't tell the difference (at least by ordinary means).
There's a lot of this programs in the net, probably you'll find some code after some googling.
Good luck in this project :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-03 14:15:00 by QvasiModo