Now, I had this figured out in the past, but unfortunately I lost that code. All I remember is that I did it in an undocumented way, so I'll have to experiment a lot in order to do it again... so I figured I might ask:

I want a multiline tooltip that displays when the mouse hovers over an icon in the status area (the one which according to MS is "erroneously called tray"). This has to work with shell version 4.7, so it shouldn't be a balloon tooltip. The catch is that it should display more than the 64 (or 128) characters that NOTIFYICONDATA allows for.

What I had done (& lost) in the past would display as many characters as a regular tooltip... could fill the whole screen if I wanted to ;)

Any ideas ?
Posted on 2003-10-06 06:52:52 by micmic