Hi All,

I'm writting a custom control to replace M$'s Listbox control
that will have column string sort and you will be able to
update any field in any column.

To do the test of the different routines I wrote a name and
address program that you might find useful.

The sort routine works ok, but I still need to figure out
how to retain a previous column sequence when you sort
another column. e.g. First name descending - Last name ascending.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Let me know if it works on your system.

PS. The output file extension need to be .nam



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Posted on 2003-10-07 17:04:07 by Ewayne
works ok on win2k pro..

when I did a search next (for only one last name/first name entry), it gave me a memory read error - more than one it returned the messagebox "no more occurances of ..." or something like that.

idea for retaining last sort field, have a bit-field - it may be convoluted, but:


10000 = default sort order (when you fire up the program, 1=ascending, 0=descending)

XOR with:

00000 = sort selection key (last name ascending, first name descending via default) - means you need to know
value of default sort order to plug in the right bit to leave default bit alone or toggle it.

should get you, if my memory is correct -

10000 = how to sort in this instance of the program, such as last name ascending, first name descending (and whatever else column is sorted, is descending as well..)

am I missing the point here?

another suggestion: ability to sort at the top of the column instead of /Sort/LastNameA - like you can in an ms access database or lotus notes.
Posted on 2003-10-08 00:49:55 by drarem
You seem to draw over the scroll bars and status bar if you make the window smaller than the default.

Posted on 2003-10-08 04:20:08 by Nick
To drarem & Nick:

Thanks for the feedback.

I fixed the memory read error.

The window was not meant to be resized, I changed the
program so you can not resize it.

The real CustListbox control will have column heading sort buttons.

About the sort, what I meant was:

Sort First name descending:

Last First
AAAA 4444
AAAA 3333
AAAA 2222
AAAA 1111

Sort Last name ascending it might end up like this:

Last First
AAAA 1111
AAAA 4444
AAAA 2222
AAAA 3333

I want to keep it like the first sort.

The update is on the first post of this thread.


Posted on 2003-10-08 14:37:08 by Ewayne