Here's a fixed BlurImage plugin.

It is based on Donkey's Blur source incorporated in the TBPaint itself. As Donkey said - he will remove the Blur tool from the TBPaint and move it to a plugin.

This is just a quick fix. It will be enhanced as soon as Donkey implements some more plugin control messages :)

You need TBPaint version or later.

The plugin is also available from Donkey's website

EDIT: Deleted attachment, please download it fom Donkey's website.
Posted on 2003-10-08 08:26:39 by Morris
I have uploaded Morris' newest version of his plug in to my site, it includes the ability to blur only a portion of an image by selecting it first. Press my WWW button below or click on Donkey's Stable in my sig., you will find it in the plugins sections.

BTW new web page layout.
Posted on 2003-10-09 05:08:05 by donkey
Hi all,

I have just uploaded a plug in that allows you to save a button as an icon. I have decided to keep this as an plug in because I want to push towards a stable build of TBPaint and do not want to introduce any new routines (and bugs) into it. Source code is included for those who are interested in that sort of stuff.
Posted on 2003-10-10 05:06:50 by donkey
Added a new plug in to the site, AniIcon will save a toolbar as an animated icon. Pretty cool add in IMHO, source code is included for anyone who is interested in RIFF file format but there isn't much to be gleaned from it though it is commented. I haven't tried the output as cursors but the handles are generally interchangeable in Win32 so they should work as animated cursors as well, only the hotspot is missing, just remember that cursors are always 32x32. The file can be found on the plug ins page.
Posted on 2003-10-11 21:55:06 by donkey
For those who do any programming in PowerBasic, Chris Boss has written a template for TBX addins in that language and I have posted it on my site.
Posted on 2003-11-15 08:52:46 by donkey