Hi All
I am having a problem with the following code in that when it is run an error is thrown from OLEAUT32.dll.
Can anyone explain the problem please.

RSFind proc Criteria:ptr BYTE

local bstrCriteria:BSTR
local wszBuff:DWORD
local State: SDWORD
local RecordCount:DWORD

invoke vf( pRS, _Recordset, get_State), addr State
mov eax, State
.if (eax == adStateOpen)
invoke RSFirst
invoke MultiByteToWideChar, CP_ACP, 0, Criteria, -1, wszBuff, MAXPATH
invoke SysAllocString, wszBuff
mov bstrCriteria, eax
invoke vf(pRS, _Recordset, Find), bstrCriteria, 0, adSearchForward, vtMissing
invoke vf(pRS, _Recordset, get_RecordCount),addr RecordCount
invoke SysFreeString, bstrCriteria
PrintDec RecordCount

RSFind endp

Thanks in advance
Posted on 2003-10-09 18:36:37 by Liamo

most likely you shouldnt free the bstrCriteria object.

Posted on 2003-10-09 23:27:46 by japheth