Because of some reasons, version 1.0.0B is skipped, so here is the next release with big changes in the project structure. Now all visual component palettes are not embeded in the Fresh, but in separate files.
Note the version of FASMW must be 1.49.9 or newer.

Pre-alpha history:
[12.10.2003] v1.0.0C - pre-alpha

- The visual component palette work now, but only with 3 controls.
Other controls will be added in "components" directory later.
- For now Fresh scans directory "components" and try to add every file
with extension ".com". There is no error check, so if the .com file is
invalid, Fresh may crash.
- Fixed bug in project manager.
- Unfortunately, style/styleEx editor does not work with new TDesignTimeInfo
structures, so when try to edit control style Fresh crashes.
- First version of Find/Replace dialog from Decard added. Works good at first

[09.10.2003] v1.0.0B - pre-alpha

- First variant of visual components palette, loadable on startup from
user defined control libraries. For now only windows predefined
controls may be loaded this way. The components descriptions are in
"components" directory.

[07.10.2003] v1.0.0B - pre-alpha

- Changes to 'winalign.asm' library. Added standard behaviour about
navigating between controls in the form using TAB/SHIFT TAB/ENTER
keys. Fixed some small bugs in toolbar auto sizing.

[03.10.2003] v1.0.0B - pre-alpha
- Introduced TApplication window. This is owner window for all popup
windows in the application. See: 'application.asm' in the 'libs'
directory. This window class provides some common for whole application
behaviour. BTW: it solves the problem that main window was behind all
other windows. Only one instance of TApplication should be in the
application. This window actualy is invisible, because it have size
0 x 0.
- Form editor, crash in rectangle selecting, removed.

[01.10.2003] v1.0.0B - pre-alpha
- Now the project is compiled ONLY with FASM v1.49.9 or newer.
- One more time (It's last) new stdcall.lib macroses. endp argument
removed. It make using of the lib easy.
- Main form is already form window. Now all main parent windows in Fresh
have window class "TForm".

For the download, see on FASM board, because the file is too big to be uploaded here:

Posted on 2003-10-12 10:15:18 by JohnFound
where is the latest release? Can not find even in fasm board.
Posted on 2003-10-14 17:37:04 by cakmak
Posted on 2003-10-15 03:53:11 by scientica