I am trying to change the text in two statics by doing this

invoke GetDlgItem,dhWnd,IDC_STC6
invoke SetWindowText,eax, addr Text1
invoke GetDlgItem,dhWnd,IDC_STC7
invoke SetWindowText,eax, addr Text2

where IDC_STC6 and 7 are the two statics.

Now, only IDC_STC6 changes and I cant see why. I have to admit to being a bit of a newbie at assembly, so help please.


Posted on 2003-10-13 10:39:55 by spu8ajc
Maybe the ID of the window was not really equal to IDC_STC7, or you have another window with the same ID.
Posted on 2003-10-13 11:21:54 by Sephiroth3
Ah, silly mistake strikes again.

Its ok, it is fixed now. Thanks for your help Sephiroth3 .

Posted on 2003-10-13 11:23:42 by spu8ajc