Hello, can someone tell me how can i learn programming, can anyone recommond a site, or a book, i tried python, and i dont understand it very much, i am just starting out, if you could help me that will be great thanks.
Posted on 2003-10-13 10:58:15 by SynapsePC
Learning programming is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things I have ever done. Always remember that everyone starts out the same way, with no idea what they are doing. Like many things in life, as a beginner the learning curve is steepest. This can put you off - don't let it - take it as a challenge !! Realize that it means that every day things get easier, and never harder - it will never be as hard as it is for you right now - so plod on, and keep at it !!
Programming doesn't vary a lot from one platform (machine/os) to another, but each platform does have its own quirks and idiosyncracies.
It's easy enough for me to point you in the direction of Iczelion's tutorials, but even they are heavy going for someone with ZERO background in programming of ANY kind. From memory, you are better off to read his SECOND tutorial FIRST, and then read the FIRST one SECOND. It most likely will make absolutely no sense to you at first AND THATS OK :) Just come back and ask questions any time, there's always help available, and we can put things into plain language whereas many tutorials come across a bit dry, as if written for a term paper.
One final note, do read the forum names and post in the appropriate forum in future, which for you would be MAIN (general programming questions).
I wish you much success in your endeavours and welcome you to the fold.
Posted on 2003-10-13 17:22:47 by Homer
Programming sucks. But if you are realy bent on this thing than i would recomend something damn easy, something like VB. For beginers ASM + API is too difficult and time consuming. VB is good to start becouse you wouldn't be bored of lack of effects.

*This time sorry for my english correct me please*
Posted on 2003-10-13 17:59:40 by AceEmbler
In some ways I'm inclined to agree, and then at the same time, I disagree.
I'm selftaught in a variety of languages, and the first one I learned was BASIC on the Commodore64. It was about as simple as BASIC can be. I went on to learn 8 bit machinecode and then 8,16 and 32bit ASM on a variety of cpus. I find at the lowest level (machinecode) that ASM is incredibly simple - SO simple it can seem hard, but it only seems hard to those who have been steeped in a "higher" language, mostly due to the preconceptions of the novice which form the foundations of their knowledge and skill base. Conversely, VB is a very powerful (and not simple) BASIC, which leads the programmer into learning all kinds of "abstractions" (which really means "obfuscations" imho). At the same time, there exists languages like DarkBasic and HLA that merge HLL and ASM into something that's both userfriendly and easy to learn, while still giving them a taste of what lays behind the "abstraction layers" afforded to the novice by VB, JAVA et al.
Posted on 2003-10-13 19:31:34 by Homer