hello friends:

i would like to know if there is an example code or something out there, in which i could figure out how to make a perminant skinned window, so i dont have to include bitmaps and stuff with my program...

any help will be much appriciated

( btw. i am looking for a good res. editor...any ideas? )

Posted on 2001-10-22 16:26:57 by IcedMonkey
If you want a skinned window you'll have to include a bitmap with it, unless you're going to draw the bmp on the fly.

Otherwise use a resource to hold the bmp, at least then it wont have to be a seperate file.
Posted on 2001-10-23 03:49:30 by Eóin

but is there a way that i could make i file type for my program like
.skn and have it go to my program with the bitmaps held inside of it?

did that make any sense?
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:17:11 by IcedMonkey
You could stuff all bitmaps, and a "skin description" inside a quake-style
PAK, or (if you feel like it), inside a ZIP, and make your program
handle that. It's quite some work, but if you write it properly, you
can reuse it later for other projects.
Posted on 2001-10-24 01:33:53 by f0dder
Hi IcedMonkey!

You could check out Test Department They have an example named skinner. It might be something like what you're asking for.

/Lord Perrin
Posted on 2001-10-24 05:16:23 by Lord Perrin
ok thanks
ill check that out
Posted on 2001-10-24 21:18:54 by IcedMonkey