Hez does anybody know how to get to this reselution: 1024*768*32Bits @85Hz

I have looked everywhere, but The only thing i found was how to get 1024*768*32 Bits @60 Hz, using int 10h, AX = 0x4F02, (the Vesa video modes).

Can Anybody help me :(

Posted on 2003-10-14 05:30:47 by pyr0_mathic
using SciTech UNIVBE, it's free and is able to lock screen refresh rate.
Posted on 2003-10-14 06:27:26 by optimus
it is possible - even without additional software, just with vesa 3.0+ (today's cards usually have that one; you know how to get the version number)

much info from ralph brown's interrupt list (brilliant thing :)), i made bold what's important for you.
i don't know how exactly this works, but i think you have to get the video-mode-info to fill in all fields of the CRTC-information-block.

AX = 4F02h
BX = new video mode (see #04082,#00083,#00084)
[b] ES:DI -> (VBE 3.0+) CRTC information block, bit mode bit 11 set
(see #04083)[/b]
Return: AL = 4Fh if function supported
AH = status
00h successful
01h failed
Notes: bit 13 may only be set if the video mode is present in the list of
accelerated video modes returned by AX=4F00h
if the DAC supports both 8 bits per primary color and 6 bits, it will
be reset to 6 bits after a mode set; use AX=4F08h to restore 8 bits
SeeAlso: AX=4E03h,AX=4F00h,AX=4F01h,AX=4F03h,AX=4F08h

(Table 00083)
Values for VESA video mode:
00h-FFh OEM video modes (see #00010 at AH=00h)
100h 640x400x256
101h 640x480x256
102h 800x600x16
103h 800x600x256
104h 1024x768x16
105h 1024x768x256
106h 1280x1024x16
107h 1280x1024x256
108h 80x60 text
109h 132x25 text
10Ah 132x43 text
10Bh 132x50 text
10Ch 132x60 text
---VBE v1.2+ ---
10Dh 320x200x32K
10Eh 320x200x64K
10Fh 320x200x16M
110h 640x480x32K
111h 640x480x64K
112h 640x480x16M
113h 800x600x32K
114h 800x600x64K
115h 800x600x16M
116h 1024x768x32K
117h 1024x768x64K
118h 1024x768x16M
119h 1280x1024x32K (1:5:5:5)
11Ah 1280x1024x64K (5:6:5)
11Bh 1280x1024x16M
---VBE 2.0+ ---
120h 1600x1200x256
121h 1600x1200x32K
122h 1600x1200x64K
81FFh special full-memory access mode
Notes: the special mode 81FFh preserves the contents of the video memory and
gives access to all of the memory; VESA recommends that the special
mode be a packed-pixel mode. For VBE 2.0+, it is required that the
VBE implement the mode, but not place it in the list of available
modes (mode information for this mode can be queried directly,
as of VBE 2.0, VESA will no longer define video mode numbers
SeeAlso: #00010,#00011,#00084,#00191
Index: video modes;VESA

(Table 00084)
Values for S3 OEM video mode:
201h 640x480x256
202h 800x600x16
203h 800x600x256
204h 1024x768x16
205h 1024x768x256
206h 1280x960x16
207h 1152x864x256 (Diamond Stealth 64)
208h 1280x1024x16
209h 1152x864x32K
20Ah 1152x864x64K (Diamond Stealth 64)
20Bh 1152x864x4G
211h 640x480x64K (Diamond Stealth 24)
211h 640x400x4G (Diamond Stealth64 Video / Stealth64 Graphics)
212h 640x480x16M (Diamond Stealth 24)
301h 640x480x32K
Note: these modes are only available on video cards using S3's VESA driver
SeeAlso: #00083,#00191,#00732 at INT 1A/AX=B102h
Index: video modes;S3

[b]Format of VESA VBE CRTC Information Block:[/b]
Offset Size Description (Table 04083)
00h WORD total number of pixels horizontally
02h WORD horizontal sync start (in pixels)
04h WORD horizontal sync end (in pixels)
06h WORD total number of scan lines
08h WORD vertical sync start (in scan lines)
0Ah WORD vertical sync end (in scan lines)
0Ch BYTE flags (see #04084)
0Dh DWORD pixel clock, in Hz
[b] 11h WORD refresh rate, in 0.01 Hz units
this field MUST be set to pixel_clock / (HTotal * VTotal),
even though it may not actually be used by the VBE
13h 40 BYTEs reserved

Bitfields for VESA VBE CRTC Information Block flags:
Bit(s) Description (Table 04084)
0 enable double scanning
1 enable interlacing
2 horizontal sync polarity (0 positive, 1 negative)
3 vertical sync polarity (0 positive, 1 negative)
SeeAlso: #04083

i hope this helps,

greets hartyl
Posted on 2003-10-19 14:33:33 by hartyl
Try this:

mov ,1072
mov ,848
mov ,936
mov ,636
mov ,601
mov ,604
mov ,0
mov ,54543360
mov ,8400 ;Refresh=84 Hz

push es ; preserve es
push di ; preserve di
mov ax,4f02h ; VBE set video mode function
mov bx,[103h] ;Set mode (800x600x256 colors)
or bx,0C800h ; 1100100000000000b set bit D15,D14,D11 to use CRTC info
; D15=don't clear screen,D14=linear/flat buffer
; D11=Use user specified CRTC values for refresh rate
push ds
pop es ; load es with the segment of CRTC
mov di,CRTC ; load di with the offset of CRTC
int 10h

a).If your monitor does not suport linear/flat buffer,set D14 to 0.
b).You must check if your monitor suports refresh rate greater than 60 Hz.
c).I used FASM.

If you acomplish this,i 'll send you another example.

Posted on 2003-10-19 15:55:33 by Anonymous