Posted on 2003-10-15 06:44:53 by Jurgen
Dude.. that display totally lands on her head :eek:
Posted on 2003-10-24 17:50:49 by NaN
And I thought I was dizzy..

Posted on 2003-10-26 10:34:59 by Flyke
TV personalities are so fake - notice how the other two just sit there - must create a pleasant picture for the camera even though their co-worker is passed out on the floor.
Posted on 2003-10-26 10:50:05 by bitRAKE
LOL, that is TV station from my country, tv pink.
I actually watched that live on tv few years ago :)
Posted on 2003-10-26 12:32:19 by Mikky
Ya I was wondering why the otherd didnt go to help her, the others sat there as if nothing happened (except the guy was a dead give away :) )
Posted on 2003-10-27 07:10:28 by x86asm
Well the guy was pretty confused, he got up to help her but probably some director from behind the camere said "whata hell do you think you'r doing... get back on the seat... cut cut cut"...
and as f0dder noticed, too shame for that big expensive lcd display :grin:
nah that tv station sucks big time anyway
Posted on 2003-10-27 18:11:27 by Mikky
whoa whoa that actually happened, i thought this was fake.:(
Posted on 2003-10-27 18:14:46 by Guy on ASM