nothing to say add:grin:

if You remember the long hours with C=64 when you programm own routines in asm6502 (6510) to play sid6581 music you will be enjoyed by link which can play sid tunes from PC (winamp) through Parallel(lpt) port to Parallel(user port) in C=64

have good fun!
Posted on 2003-10-15 15:11:42 by etn
funny indeed
but i was using the Zx Spectrum those old days :D
i must still have one (own made with floppy disk interface) laying in pieces arround here somewhere :D
i must find and revive it !
Posted on 2003-10-15 15:14:10 by BogdanOntanu
ZX spectrum is fast as it was in the past 4.7Mhz
C=64 0,98 Mhz
Atari 800xl 1.79 Mhz

I like those machines because everything is easy to do, and ASM is the only language which can alive them.

I had build aircondition system supported by ZX spectrum (TIMEX 2048)and 8520 and 8255
Posted on 2003-10-15 15:26:06 by etn
Oh boys, Sinclair ZX81 was the first computer I had own.... a long long time ago when i was 8 years old and start programming. I never think that there is an active community of ZX users. :eek:

After some years of saving, I got a C=64... what a fun. Then I upgrade to a C=128 that still work well. Then the x86 appears and becomes the standard. Not without fighting and sad enough I abandon the Commodore (and programming, at least until I've discovered win32asm)

Thanks for the links :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-16 10:21:05 by pelaillo
You skipped from c64 to x86 without ever visiting the 68000 series?
Posted on 2003-10-17 09:21:58 by Homer
Machintosh were (and are) outside of my budget. I hope to buy one some day but Apple costs a lot.
Posted on 2003-10-17 10:44:03 by pelaillo