Well this was LONG overdue. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new monitor. My last CRT i was using was a 14" that i got used back in the 486 days...... I really got my moneys worth out of it over the years, however i regret not getting this one sooner.

Its a NEC LCD1715 flat screen ~ 2" thick ;) , 17", with 16ms refresh rate (~60hz). 400:1 contrast and i forget the brightness (but its definitely good).

I just finished playing the best game of Half-Life i have ever had and felt like posting my find ;)

Anywho here is a Pic of the monitor...
Posted on 2003-10-16 21:02:40 by NaN
Awesome :alright:

how did you use to code on 14" ? What screen resolution? On my 17" CRT, I code in 800x600, Fixedsys 9pt. It is cool in 640x480, too :) .
Posted on 2003-10-17 06:25:40 by Ultrano
just have 20 ms refresh on my flatscreen, :tongue:
Posted on 2003-10-17 06:27:50 by Ranma_at
19" samsung "natural flat" (aka trinitron) CRT (SyncMaster 959nf), 1280x1024@85hz + a samsung SyncMaster 151s, 15" TFT with... hummm... 25ms speed? Pretty nice anyway, even if the colors arent _just_ as good as the CRT. But it's a lot easier on the eyes if you have to read/code - 1024x768 is a bit smallish for coding, but you learn to manage.
Posted on 2003-10-17 07:25:59 by f0dder
I think my laptop is using a IBM now it maybe a fujitu lcd screen is a UXGA ~60 1600x1200 max with my current vid card... i have to get it replaced turning red in the corner but it never had those blotches or black block problems some people have with LCD so im happy..

it think there is a new standard for lcd's also like UMXGA or something like that with gose like 1900x1600
Posted on 2003-10-17 08:19:54 by devilsclaw
I just pulled one out of storage because my existing 19 inch monitor had become VERY BLURRY - I assume that the degaussing coil was shorting a few turns.
Imagine my delight when I fired up my favorite fps and found that I could overshoot the brightness and basically see in the dark !! :)

No new monitor for me :tongue:
Posted on 2003-10-17 09:18:08 by Homer
Im currently running at 1280x1024x32. Im pretty happy with this size. I dont really need to 'adjust' to the text hieght since on my old piece-o-crap 14" i had it at 800x600 for all my programming (wich made the font approximatly the same size ;) )

I have to admit RadASM never looked so good ;) . I have soooo much more screen space per line to code with now! As well i can leave open tool bars etc without care for the waste of space....

Definitely something im not going to regret. Kinda like the wheel mouse, once you try it you wont go back to the old 2 button mice.

Posted on 2003-10-17 11:47:33 by NaN

Kinda like the wheel mouse, once you try it you wont go back to the old 2 button mice.


wonder when he gets his first optical mouse. ;)
Posted on 2003-10-17 14:58:13 by Ranma_at
question. does the monitor or the graphics card one uses determine the max screen resolution?
Posted on 2003-10-17 16:10:00 by Guy on ASM
Posted on 2003-10-17 17:34:08 by Hiroshimator
Monitors are the primary factor to me because they cost more for higher resolution of the same brand, and most video cards support the needed resolutions. Certainly, you'd want to insure the refresh rates are availible on the video card for the resolutions the monitor has, or you'll be spending more money for nothing.

I've been running at 1600x1200 @85Hz (w/ optical mouse) for so long that I feel less productive on anything lower, and will go to 1920x1440 for some graphics programs or looking at page layouts for documents. At work I'm forced to use only 1280x1024 (and a wheel mouse, yuck!). :(
Posted on 2003-10-17 21:01:47 by bitRAKE
Actually i spoiled myself last christmas and bought myself a cordless keyboard and optical mouse ;)

Im thinking a wireless switch will be my next investment (about 120$ CND these days).

Posted on 2003-10-17 21:53:52 by NaN
yeah now you can get a Wireless Keyboard and Optical mouse for 99$ the Logitech MX700 Dual Optical Mouse comes with the set then the keyboard has a scroller and volume control right on it so in some cases you dont need the mouse... HMMMM i need to get it lol...
Posted on 2003-10-18 02:02:30 by devilsclaw
yes, refresh rate is also a big factor for me. I run 1600x1200@100Hz anything lower than 80-85 is murder on my eyes. :/
Posted on 2003-10-18 10:02:26 by Hiroshimator
Thats the keyboard i use... very nice! I have the buttons all programmed for this web page, radasm, ultraedit, olydebug, winamp, trillian, and a few web-email accounts.

I dont use the side page scroller much since i have it on the mouse but i definitly use the volume control and play/pause features alot. As well its nice to have olydubug under one button while your programming ;)

Posted on 2003-10-18 15:26:05 by NaN
just found a pic of my flatscreen (bought it 4 months ago) on the web
its a sony 17" , 20 ms response time, 60 hz bla bla bla
Posted on 2003-10-20 00:31:22 by Ranma_at
:grin: Now I see what's the mania on trackballs . Though this mouse , a "dexxa" is designed mainly for gullible people that would think it's a cheap optical mouse - it has a red LED, so that it looks like a real optical one :)
Posted on 2003-10-20 10:21:35 by Ultrano