There are some API's like "RegisterServiceProcess",which is not included in usual Kernel32.INC.
I manually tried to included it in Kernel32.INC,like the follow.
RegisterServiceProcess PROTO :DWORD,:DWORD

Still it's not working.Do i have to change Kernel32.lib also.But it seems too odd to open.

By the by, i manage to work my program through the LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress Combination.But u know,there are enumeruous Un-documented functions out there.GetProc Technique is not needed if we have the Updates INC files.

So please,Help
Posted on 2003-10-17 13:52:29 by zakham
Perhaps you could link your program with GoLink, it doesn't need lib files at all.
Posted on 2003-10-17 14:21:21 by QvasiModo
Your inc file requires the accompanying LIB file to have the function as well.To rebuild a LIB file you have only to add the necessary proto to the INC and run INC2L.exe on the include file. It will autogenerate a new LIB file.
Posted on 2003-10-17 14:58:34 by donkey
From RegisterServiceProcess (Windows 9x Programming: Platform SDK)
To call RegisterServiceProcess, retrieve a function pointer using GetProcAddress on KERNEL32.DLL. Use the function pointer to call RegisterServiceProcess.
Posted on 2003-10-19 22:27:11 by P2M
I can find RegisterServiceProcess() in the version of kernel32.dll that is in win98se but it is not in the win2k kernel32.lib file that the MASM32 versions were derived from so it will not be in the include file either. I would stick to LoadsLibrary(), GetProcAddress(), FreeLibrary().

Posted on 2003-10-20 07:16:45 by hutch--