For the first Fresh can compile source files:

Open the file in the source editor and select "project|compile" or press Ctrl+F9. There is no progress indicator for now. If error occur there is no error message, simply nothing happen. :(
Try to compile "CopyFresh.asm" or "examples\simple.asm"

For download:

[17.10.2003] v1.0.0E

- Added open files dialog. It allows open of multiply files at once.
- Source editor changes. Introduced data structure TEditorTab, where
the information about filename is stored.
- New messages in 'sourceeditor.asm'. Some messages behaviour is changed.
Added comments in ''.

[16.10.2003] v1.0.0E

- !!! The first compilation of Fresh with Fresh. :) Fixed some bugs.

- About box edited - added last authors "decard" and "roticv".
- Added splitter custom control. It must be in components directory,
but for now is in "sources"
- Fixed bugs in 'vfiles.asm'

Posted on 2003-10-17 15:07:26 by JohnFound