I can I setup radAsm for using with masm32.
using masm32 in MASM32 folder and the .hlp file and assmebly using radasm
thanks forgive me if this is such a dumb ?
Posted on 2003-10-18 15:37:44 by Tweak
You can set the default path for the help file in Options-Paths, that will change the folder where RadASM looks for the Win32.hlp file. If you are using the Qweerdy's MSDNHelp addin you can chage it by running SetPaths.exe that is found in you \RadASM\AddIns folder, it will redirect the calls to the help file, howeveryou must still set the default help path in RadASM.
Posted on 2003-10-18 15:55:17 by donkey
About Qweerdy's MSDNHelp addin.
I was not able to invoke it.
Could you explain, please, what steps
should be done to make it work?
I assumed I could use it as I do with Win32.hlp
getting help on a word under curret now from
MSDN. Yet I wasn't able to do it.
Posted on 2003-10-19 04:48:32 by The Svin