Ok. While im asked to moderate this forum, I am by no means the complete authority in COM. I do understand it in essence, but when it comes down to the details i have *alot* of learning left to do. Alot of this stemmed from Ernie's co-lib and tutorials and Japheth's macros sets with COM examples.

So im doing well and slowly learning new things. I have a COM & COM+ Programming Primer to help me along too, however, it doesnt get into detail that an assembly programmer would like to know. Mainly it expects you to use AFX macros etc., so im also using the PSDK on the MSDN to learn more about the higher level issues in com (with detail).

Japheth's examples does have detial, but alot of it goes over my head as i have a hard time following his coding style (many files). But this is not to say they are poor examples. They are actually excellent examples except they tend to have too much going on in them for me to follow between all the files.

To that end, can anyone give me some explaination on two issues that are still very unclear with me:

1) At an assembly level, what are the major steps to getting COM Events working in both directions. I have read Ernie's tuts, and am working through Japheth's Web browser example, but still not getting it :rolleyes: (Im an incredably slow learner some times).

2) What is the difference between an ActiveX control and a Dual Dispatchable Interface?? Asside from the fact the *.DLL is renamed to *.OCX. I was reading about ActiveX in the PSDK and it sounds like they are the same thing?

Im sorry if these sound like dumb questions, but Its hard to get clear example/discussion on these topics. It seems to be either one or the other. Hopefully this can change via. this forum ;)

Thanks again!
Posted on 2003-10-18 18:41:02 by NaN
Hi NaN,

1) Regretably to install events your object has to expose IConnectionPointContainer and 3 helper objects (IConnectionPoint, IEnumConnectionPoints and IEnumConnections). If that sounds complicated, thats because it is . Read articles "Dr GUI and COM Events, Part I + II" from MSDN, which surely are not in MASM, but are still excellent

2) With term "ActiveX control" some people mean a COM object with a UI. In fact, to implement this user interface such objects use the "in-place-editing" technics introduced with OLE component documents some years earlier, that is exposing interfaces like IOleObject, IOleInPlaceObject and so on.

Posted on 2003-10-19 01:01:39 by japheth
Thanks Japheth, i will look up your suggestion... everything helps ;)
Posted on 2003-10-19 23:33:24 by NaN