my demo's source is available for download.

u can do anything u like with this source (there are no restrictions so don't hold

back :).

i decided to publish it for ppl who want to learn opengl (demo uses ogl for gfx and

dsound7 for playing music).

it has some bugs (they're described in .txt file included).

source is NOT optimized, so it should be clean and easy to understand (some parts are


it shows how to make simple morphing, multitexturing (EXT_multitexture),

texture-coordinates-generation (nv_texgen_reflection).

primarily i planned to put NV_vertex_array_range support, but i never really finished

it, so it is bugged now (but still u can learn how to use this extension).

links to 7 parts:

download it, extract and have fun (or nightmare trying to understand my sick code :) )

any questions:
Posted on 2003-10-19 06:44:20 by ti_mo_n
Before I make an event of downloading this file (on a 56k modem anything over 2 megs is an event) can someone with a faster connection please give me an idea of what this 'demo' is :)

ti_mo_n you can too... I'm just worried about downloading it and finding my graphics card doesn't support the extentions... however, if someone tells me it's cool enough I'll downloaded it an take the chance..

Posted on 2003-10-19 14:12:51 by Sliver
Your site's bandwidth is currenly overdue.
I'm on 20kbit/s , but 10 MB can't scare me :P
timon, what's that free hosting?! Currently I have some (read "a lot") spare bw, PM me if you're interested.
Posted on 2003-10-19 14:32:14 by Ultrano
silver : demo requires GEFORCE card to run. it has some bug that crash the demo if u dont have one.

ultrano: ?? this server is standard polish www server. one account is 10mb. u can have 999999999999 :) accounts.
how much space u need?
Posted on 2003-10-21 13:53:18 by ti_mo_n