Does anyone have any idea how they pulled off the weighted texture blending in the game "Star Topia" ??

Basically it appears they can blend (maybe 8?) textures per quad, by associating each corner of a quad with one or more textures plus weighting values...

When I looked into multitexturing under D3D, it appeared to be geared towards weighting n textures per Quad alright, but not per Vertex...

Do you think they use a sexy ass VertexShader?
Something else?

(I don't think its a PixelShader because its quite fast, and the game probably isn't new enough to attempt it in hardware...)

Do you think they'd really go to the trouble of building N intermediate textures and doing it by Alpha alone? (Bear in mind that the User can actually mess with the vertex weights and texture associations, ie, you can alter the amount of "wetness" and "temperature" etc of a VERTEX of a Quad, which in turn determines which textures are blended, and what their weights are...)
Posted on 2003-10-19 06:53:17 by Homer