Radasm, quite buggy sometimes - but still my favorite.

BTW where can i download the editor called "Something else" so many people voted for it, so it should be good.:grin:
Posted on 2003-10-20 05:35:53 by Ranma_at
Currently using Source Insight, because non of the list above isn't suitable for big projects
Posted on 2003-10-20 07:08:36 by masquer
FASMW->my favourite
Posted on 2003-10-20 07:13:09 by HarryTuttle
FASMW of course. ;)
These days I begin to try Fresh. It looks interesting. ;):grin:
Posted on 2003-10-20 09:03:46 by JohnFound
The one and only for me - XASM IDE :grin: . I'm pretty sure I'm the only one using it...
Posted on 2003-10-20 12:05:24 by Ultrano
WinAsm is the best Assembly IDE I ever made :grin:


Posted on 2003-10-20 12:10:34 by akyprian
Btw, what exactly is different in vs.Net 2003 from the 2002 version, other than all the form designer stuff for c++?
Is it worth the upgrade?
Posted on 2003-10-20 12:45:18 by clippy
Hi Clippy,

The 2003 version is a bit faster, has some bug fixes, some UI improvements (to me), some Intellisense improvements, and works with the 1.1 and 1.0 version of the .NET framework. The 2002 version cannot use the 1.1 version of the framework easily. For $29.00 (the cost of making and shipping the CDs) it is worth it, IMO.

Posted on 2003-10-20 12:57:50 by cdquarles
I use both RadAsm and WinAsm. I start my projects with RadAsm, but I've associated my files with WinAsm because it's got most of RadAsm features, and loads much faster... in fact the only things I miss in WinAsm are autocomplete for structs, and the snippets addin.
Posted on 2003-10-20 17:22:04 by QvasiModo
TextPad - Does PIC Asm, 80x86, HTML, CSS, PERL, Plan II, ABEL, File Trees, Code Page 437, Forth, DNA, or anything else I need.
Posted on 2003-10-21 02:04:30 by eet_1024
i was using syn for a while but it has conflicts with Softice and it command line pipe redirection and causes random lock ups if you have softice runnins.. it caused me to loose a project almost i was lucky enough to have been using ConTEXT and was able to get a close to current back up because it does auto back up in a back up folder... since then i decided to go back to ConTEXT and love it...
Posted on 2003-10-21 02:14:58 by devilsclaw
RadAsm works great with masm :) but the integration with the other assemblers is not as good. I'm learning fasm right now and for that I like fasmw. It's simple (too simple sometimes) but it gets the job done. The fresh project is progressing well so when its mature it will fill in the gaps in fasmw. :)
Posted on 2003-10-24 03:00:24 by Odyssey
where can i get fasmw since i moved to linux i would like to use it..
Posted on 2003-10-24 03:09:35 by devilsclaw
Originally posted by Odyssey
but the integration with the other assemblers is not as good.

RadAsm for fasm is very well integrated !!
Maybe not with the default fasm.ini, but this is user customization. I attach my updated fasm.ini that I hope you find it useful.

fasmw is located on www.flatassembler.net, under win32 fasm distribution.
Posted on 2003-10-24 03:31:13 by pelaillo
Well thats what i mean. You have to fight with the ini files to get it to work with the other assemblers but not for masm. I think RadAsm's author might have a favorite :grin: Anyway I'll try your ini file and see how it works.
Posted on 2003-10-24 05:34:22 by Odyssey

I'm still having some problems but I think it the problem may be with my include files. The windows includes I have are those that came with fasmw. I copied the fasm.ini to the RadAsm directory then I ran RadAsm. I then opened the testfasm project. When I try to assemble it I get this error.


flat assembler version 1.49
%include%/win32ax.inc [4]:
format PE GUI 4.0
error: unexpected instruction.

Make error(s) occured.

I checked the win32ax.inc file and I saw the format PE directive but I'm creating a coff file so I thats why I think my includes are the problem. I'll hope you can help me with this. In the mean time I'll mess around with the includes and see if I get it work.
Posted on 2003-10-24 05:52:31 by Odyssey
This is because the %include% environment setting.

If you do not want to set a global environment variable, you can change it directly from the fasm.ini file:


But to avoid conflicts with includes for other environments, I have called it %fasminc%

IMHO, the RadASM ini files are great. They are so flexible...
Posted on 2003-10-24 08:42:25 by pelaillo
when fresh becomes crash free it'll be great, but until then i stick with notepad and fasmw.
Posted on 2003-10-24 09:05:40 by Guy on ASM
I know what's wrong now :). The problem was not with the environment variable. Well it could have been but i fixed that. The problems are with the example projects for fasm included with radasm. The api functions are not declared so when I try to assemble the programs I get an undefined symbol error.
Posted on 2003-10-24 12:57:38 by Odyssey
ah i just downloaded new radasm, and lemmi tell you, thats my IDE for now, wish i could go back and change my vote. It has improved greatly over the past couple of months.:alright:
Posted on 2003-10-24 22:43:16 by Guy on ASM