I Wonder, can i use RadAsm's Plugins (e.g: RadHexEdit) as a control inside visual studio 6 ?
if its a possibility can you help me make it work?
Posted on 2003-10-19 13:47:59 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

Guess VC can use windows api's so VC should have no problems using RAHexEd.

Sorry, can't help as I have never written anything using VC.

Posted on 2003-10-21 08:46:47 by KetilO

do you have an example on using the RadHexEdit control ?
i mean, how to load it (without resource editor) and use its functions,
than i will know how to use it inside VC, once i loaded the dll.
Posted on 2003-10-21 10:43:01 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

Use LoadLibrary to load the dll.
Use CreateWindowEx with class RAHEXEDIT to create the hex edit window.
Use SendMessage to send messages to the hex edit control.

Posted on 2003-10-21 14:04:27 by KetilO

Yeah, but i need to know the list of Messages used by the Control.
like, if i want to view file's hex, i need to know which messages are being used by the rahexedit in order
to display it ;)
Posted on 2003-10-21 15:02:20 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

You can find full sources on my website. The .inc file has all the details.

Posted on 2003-10-21 15:33:29 by KetilO
heya KetilO,

Its all working fine now :alright: thnx for the gerat Control!! it saved me allot of time code one (dead line..yay!)
if u want visual c convertion in ur site tell me and i will email ya.
thnx Wizzra
Posted on 2003-10-21 17:06:57 by wizzra
Hi wizzra

Great. Send me the code and I will include it on my site.

Posted on 2003-10-21 17:30:16 by KetilO