EvilHomer2k, thanks for bringing Viktor Schauberger to my attention - very interesting history. It would be a harsh world if everything was done for the sake of science - something more is required. Posted on 2003-11-01 18:43:50 by bitRAKE
Originally posted by donkey
Yes, I agree with the fact of the big bang
Doesn't this equate to "Let be the light"? ;)
Now we can underastand the science facts, but what about peoples living before? Were they so smart as you are?

It seems to me that donkey and Ranma_at are speaking about the same things but are using different words.

donkey, your version of a philosophy is not complete, I think.
If you want to see what is before quarks and strings (and you are married) you can do real scientific test.
1. Put a mirror in your bedroom.
2. Locate it in order to let it reflect your bed.
3. Wait for some months.
4. The mirror has the ability to multiply.
The result will be: you or your wife will get a lover.

Since this test may be abnormal in some opinions, it is not necessary to do it yourself.
It is easier to ask your frends who have such a mirror or do not have one.
Statistic research, no more.
(keep in mind, not always people are telling the truth)

I have no "scientific" explanation of this fact, but facts are always facts.

Ranma_at, don't matter do you belive in quarks, neutrons or not.
Modern science says "the energy is some kind of substance"
The time will come and people will get real knowledge about the World.


PS. The programming is materialization of the mind. :rolleyes:

2b || !2b ?
Posted on 2003-11-02 01:17:03 by S.T.A.S.

This is my choice

I dont belive it !!!! Actualy someone else was impressed with this masterpiece :alright:, thats so great. BTW my fevorit one was to make a plane. It's itching me to serch for this book somewhere in my house, damn that bring memories.
Posted on 2003-11-02 17:02:53 by AceEmbler