I believe that the basics of programming should be first understand the concepts of bits, binary, hex, strings etc (and of course the concept of variables) before the moving onto mainstream programming. I have a c++ book (bought about 3-4 years back when I was 12 or 13) that I never bothered to complete it because the writer focused too much on oop which was not my cup of tea.

I can say, your concept is good, but somethings are best to be learnt on our own. For example, how to use a debugger. No one can teach you how to use it, you have to learn it yourself.

Functions like stringcat, stringlength, dwtoh, htodw, dwtoa, atodw are freely avaible (There is quite a few posted on the board under the algorithm forum). For example if you use masm, there is a library built for that purpose. That's why people like to use masm, it has good lib, as compared to say, spasm/rosasm (which betov refuses to add support for lib.. long story).

In my opinion, the concept of Windows programming was well-written and documentated by iczelion. (Could not resist to say this). I rather not reinvent the wheel, and would usually direct people to read the stuffs written by him.

spasm is renamed to Rosasm. http://betov.free.fr/RosAsm.html

Does anyone need a mmx tutorial? I will write it if I have time, and people wants to read it...
Posted on 2003-11-09 00:12:07 by roticv

Nice work man. You sure should write the tut on mmx. Add a chap to wiki if you can. Anyway, about the Iczelion's tutorials: sure they are one of the best (or probably the best) for now. Iczelion did his job of getting us started, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't extend his work. Ha, ha he'd be "watching over our shoulders to see if we've earned his respect" (as Hutch themed it in "Ancient Warriors"). Enjoy!

What you're saying is correct. We're aiming to use plain and basic asm while teaching it in the initial part of the first volume. As a matter of fact, I'm trying to keep extra advanced code to the minimum and not try to go over the head of the beginner. As eet_2004 suggested earlier, I'll try to use debug and grdb from the start so that when it comes to using a more advanced debugging environment and assemblers, one will find it easy to switch. Ironically, this is same approach the Pete Norton followed in his classic, and it does work.

The initial part of Volume 1 is not the place for intermediate or advanced code or concepts. We'll try to build on the code and concepts steadily in the same volume though. Optional high-level constructs as those used by certain assemblers may appear, since every beginner may not want to get into jumps and linear code. Randy's point has been taken into view since he's been teaching for a long time now.

Fiddling with strings, procs and libraries will be dealt with the later part of the volume. And since we surely want to cut down on development times in ASM, I've thought of building a large and competent library which will work across several assemblers. Your suggestions are welcome and will definitely be considered.

Posted on 2003-11-09 03:49:24 by art_sands
Art: my handle has a power of 2 in it; not a year
I do believe that you will agree with me on this:
The web has many, many resources. But the are a lot of flaws with information on the web.
1) Quantity of Quality
2) Search engines provide the same searching capabilities as from the early '90's
3) Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead improve or replace it.

I propose that our misson statement be to provide the most useful, accurate, and reliable resource for assembly programming.

Otherwise, what is the point of spending time and energy on this project? Just to repeat the works of others.

In addition, people should be encouraged to contribute. This includes anything from a simple spelling correction to a new volume.

My major contribution will be, ironically, as an editor. I say ironically, as the most typing I've done for my employer is for documentation; not for code.
Posted on 2003-11-09 04:54:44 by eet_1024
stick to the book, that'll be work enough.

a development library on the side is a thing of a magnitude that rivals a book.

And don't promote spasm when you have decent tools like fasm or masm or goasm or hla or .... <anything else and better than spasm> available :tongue:
Posted on 2003-11-09 06:49:34 by Hiroshimator
Hi hiro

Well, the library is a future proj. It's not for this book. A separate dev proj. And don't worry about the book, I'm concentrating only on that for now. I do not have any personal grudges against spasm, however, i don't intend to write in it anyway. That doesn't mean others shouldn't. If I aint writin about it others sure can. Personal preferences aside, users have the freedom of using anything they want. You can check it out Hiro, there's no entry for Spasm under the supported assemblers heading, which definitely means I currently don't intend to use it. :tongue: (Well, if there is, it's definitely not me who added it ;) ).

Hi Eet:

yeah, i aint tryin to reinvent anythin. It's just a rediscovery wherein i am tryin my best to improve upon past work. sure you can be the editor, you're always welcome.

Art :alright:
Posted on 2003-11-09 21:41:03 by art_sands

can you change the styles of the wiki to a bit more comfortable Tahoma 8pt or Verdana or somethin similar?

Posted on 2003-11-10 00:06:31 by art_sands
I don't have a grugde against spasm either, I just don't wish betov's fanatic insulting ravings on there :tongue:

he's a looney
Posted on 2003-11-10 05:29:46 by Hiroshimator
I added verdana to the styles, is it better now?
Posted on 2003-11-10 05:36:49 by Hiroshimator
Dear Hiro

I added verdana to the styles, is it better now?

Yeah that's much better. Thanks

I don't have a grugde against spasm either, I just don't wish betov's fanatic insulting ravings on there

he's a looney

:grin: ha. Insulting ravings. I surely will not allow that.

Posted on 2003-11-10 06:32:05 by art_sands
I hope to see this soon :)
Posted on 2003-11-10 07:14:46 by Azrim
Hi azrim

what do you mean by that: the publishing of our book or someone's already dunnit?

Posted on 2003-11-10 10:17:59 by art_sands

I hope to see this soon :)


Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-11-10 13:55:43 by rhyde
wow, this was fast :)
Posted on 2003-11-11 01:46:52 by Azrim

wow, this was fast :)

Well, so far anyway.
I still have a lot of writing to do and a couple of crisis mode projects (i.e., paying work) are currently in the way.

BTW, I have made a couple of new additions to the Wikipedia project.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-11-11 13:36:26 by rhyde
Hi Hiro,

Is there any way I can upload images to the wiki?

Posted on 2003-11-12 10:50:43 by art_sands
I was going to ask you the same thing.
Posted on 2003-11-12 23:06:01 by eet_1024
I don't know, you used a wiki more than I ever did :/ (haven't used any yet :o )
Posted on 2003-11-13 05:03:09 by Hiroshimator

The docs for wiki simply say you can link to them, but don't specify how I can upload them. May be i can email them to you and you could put them in a specific folder. We could then reference images from that folder.

Let me know what you think.

Posted on 2003-11-13 06:57:15 by art_sands
we could do that for now, yes.
Posted on 2003-11-13 08:34:15 by Hiroshimator
Just a curious thought, are we going to publish it into a book or would it be come like iczelion's tutorial? Okay I shall continue writing on conditional statements. Going to be a long long essay...
Posted on 2003-11-14 10:33:51 by roticv