I was working on a new addin called CodeBrowser that looks for a folder named CodeBrowser (strangely enough) in your addins directory. It then loads the source files contained in any subdirectories found in this folder enabling you to browse the code. It has a fullscreen mode as well as the ability to switch from a minimised state to fullscreen and vice-versa by holding down the control key when clicking the appropriate button. The only problem is I have simply run out of time to complete it. It is 90% there, only the formatting functions remain to be coded (I think, its been a while since I looked at it). I have attached all the files for this as well as all the files for the other addins I coded. There may be some horrendous coding decisions you may want to correct (!), or you just might like to modify things to suit yourself. Feel free to do whatever you like.

Thanks to everyone for the support and ideas (especially akyprian) over the last couple of months.

By the way, the latest version of Winasm is an absolute stunner, congratulations akyprian.
Posted on 2003-10-21 18:31:26 by andrew_k
andrew_k: thanks for sharing your nice plugins.

keep up the good work and we hope to see new things (when you have time) :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-22 01:08:35 by TBD

Same than TBD.... *MANY* thanks for sharing them !

Best regards
Posted on 2003-10-22 04:31:44 by PhoBos
Thanks andrew_k for all!

I 'll take care of some minor fixes for AddProc and AddMacro Add-Ins. Is anybody interested in completing the Code Browser (Sniplets) Add-In? If so, please let me know.


Posted on 2003-10-22 05:44:25 by akyprian

As promised, I 've taken care of some very minor issues regarding AddMacro and AddProc Add-Ins.

The zip includes the above mentioned Add-Ins plus the CodeBrowser Add-In (all with full source). Thanks andrew_k again for such a great work. I hope we will hear from you some time in the future whenever you can.

Could you please, Masmer, upload in the Users' Projects section of the site ?


Posted on 2003-10-31 02:49:25 by akyprian
I imagine it would be ok, but I wanted to ask first: Would it be ok if I setup a folder for the Iczelion tutorials that Code Browser can use in the next WinAsm full installer?
Posted on 2003-11-03 07:17:11 by Masmer

I am not sure if I fully understood your qusetion.

Your idea is very good although I think that the best thing, if it legal, would be to have the tutorials as WinAsm Projects (no more than a minute for each one); if not, go on with your idea (if it is legal-I am not good at law!)

Posted on 2003-11-03 07:34:56 by akyprian
I had already started creating both release and debug projects for all of Iczelion's Win32 tutorials a few months ago, but that was when my laptop hard drive died and I lost everything. I have future plans on doing this again (release and debug projects for each tutorial) to include in both the installer and embeded in the Iczelion tutorial help file. Unless someone else wants to create the WinAsm projects first. :grin:

From the webpage: "All tutorials written by me are copyrighted freeware: they are free so long as you use it for non-profitable purposes. Commercial use is strictly prohibited."
Posted on 2003-11-03 08:10:29 by Masmer