Like a virgin ( read beginner) i need help :

I am used to makeing of VxD drivers in Win32ASM but i got stuck in doing a SYS (NT kernel mode driver) that should filter unwanted keys (Like Alt+F4)....

I have 2 questions:

1. Where can i find some tutorials or demos for doing NT Drivers in Win32ASM (if none in ASM ... C/C++ examples will do either, as i belive i am able to convert them)

2. Where can i find the NT DDK for download ... searched Microsoft's site and i can not find it anymore :(

Any help will be appreciated :)

Thx all
Posted on 2001-10-23 11:09:42 by BogdanOntanu for NT4 & others for the current ones

the only further thing I can do is recommend this book I have "Developing Windows NT device drivers" ISBN 0-201-69590-1
Posted on 2001-10-23 11:29:34 by Hiroshimator
Thx Hiro

I found the DDK easy, (i am downloading it right now)....

i dont understand how the hell did i missed it the first time? ... i must have been very tired :(

I guess i am searching only tutorials/examples from now on ...

as the book should take longer to get (from here in Romania) but i will order it anyway ..

Posted on 2001-10-23 11:37:59 by BogdanOntanu,3828,0201695901,00.html

this is the book I'm talking about
Posted on 2001-10-23 12:21:58 by Hiroshimator
If I were you, I'd go to EliCZ site.
Good strat for beginners in KMD and also 100% assembly.
Posted on 2001-10-24 04:44:55 by The Svin