Hey folks,

i have some problems with my tab control in a dialog.
I don't get it done to translate the following code to MASM cuz i don't really understand it.
May be you guys can help me...

MOV EAX,lParam ; lParam is a pointer to a NMHDR Struct
MOV EAX, (NMHDR PTR [eax]).code ; is the code member a TCN_SELCHANGE?
JZ ChangingTab ; Yeah, jump!
RET ; No! go back

MOV EBX,WhichTabChosen ; Which is the currently selected tab?
MOV EAX,[Handles+EBX*4] ; Put in EAX its handle
INVOKE ShowWindow,EAX,SW_HIDE ; Hide it damn it!
INVOKE SendMessage,hwndTab,TCM_GETCURSEL,0,0 ; Ok which one is BEING chosen right now?
MOV WhichTabChosen,EAX ; Lets keep it in our little variable
MOV EBX,[Handles+EAX*4] ; Now lets retrieve the chosen one's handle
INVOKE ShowWindow,EBX,SW_SHOWDEFAULT ; and now lets show it :)

I'd like to have it like this:

Thanks a lot
I appreciate your help

The attachment is my source code so far
Posted on 2001-10-23 14:46:34 by Olli