Its definitly icz tut, and i didnt see a link to his site or his name. Maybe he allowed it. Just thought i would bring it up.
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:01:53 by ChimpFace9000

I didn't feel like registering but the titles say enough

edit: oh well I'll register anyway, I have to see the contents
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:14:05 by Hiroshimator
they're Icz tuts alright word for word, except for the credits they've been conveniently changed.

Anyone wishing to have a look:

Log-in: Hiroshimator
Password: theco50jo

that way you don't have to register at that lame site.
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:21:42 by Hiroshimator
and technically, this is a violation of Iczelion's license agreement, since the guy makes money from the site and therefore uses the tutorials for a commercial purpose. Not to mention violating Iczelion's copyright.
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:28:34 by Hiroshimator
I beg to differ, he does say in the very beginnin, in nice green letters, "Thanks to Iczelion"...

Posted on 2001-10-23 16:55:58 by _Shawn
so if I take your project, say "thanks to _Shawn" and pass it as my own then it's OK? And it doesn't say that on all tuts either. Furthermore this is a commercial site :tongue:

With all their members probably anticipating the next tutorials they promised to write :rolleyes:

it's all about respect
Posted on 2001-10-23 16:58:55 by Hiroshimator
Maxcode article seven: Mouse Input
an article on win32 Assembly programming: thanks to Iczelion

It looks like he's giving credit to me... not to argue, I see where you're coming from, but... it's doesn't appear to be taking credit away from Icz, however, I do agree, instead of "Thanks to Iczelion" he should say "Written by Izcellion <website here>" but most people say "Thanks to " so it's not a discrace, unless you're seeing something that I'm not. The commercial aspect of the site, I wasn't aware of.

Posted on 2001-10-23 17:23:12 by _Shawn
The real culprit here is the user by the name of "God" who actually submitted the article. Perhaps the site mods aren't aware that it's someone else's IP.

Posted on 2001-10-23 17:24:42 by _Shawn
Apparantly 'God' is the general log-in for the administrator of a PHPnuke site.

There are 2 admins/webmasters. To get a view on their commercial aspect just click on advertise @ maxcode
Posted on 2001-10-23 17:30:38 by Hiroshimator
The guy is a crook. A thieve.
He takes advantage of the confusion and pretends to be author.
If an outsider finds out (like ChimpFace here) he'll just say he did credit the real author by pointing at that 'Thanks' with his dirty finger.
He's not playing fair. I also thank in my tutorials, and that does not mean that the greeted ones get full credit for the content of the paper.
This guy is a shithead. He deserves to be punished.
Posted on 2001-10-23 22:44:24 by latigo
... and the credits are pretty damn small. UGH.
Posted on 2001-10-24 01:31:44 by f0dder
this thread worked.. or someone emailed him cuz

"an article on win32 Assembly programming: written by Iczelion - His website"


Posted on 2001-10-24 09:30:45 by eko
ICQ works miracles ;)
Posted on 2001-10-24 09:31:34 by Hiroshimator

No link to Hutch's page and also they don't provide the origional package, just the service packs
Posted on 2001-10-25 02:54:14 by Kenny
I would seem to me that this guy is setting up for himself a portal for all programmers to lavish in... however, in his zeal, he's forgetting that the people who are providing him with the content in the first place. We should all send him emails until he starts to respect people's hard work...

Posted on 2001-10-25 09:30:33 by _Shawn