Are there any samples of how to create windows explorer style app?
I have experience with listview and treeview, but how can I create that combobox with icons (place where path is shown) , and those splitters that are used to change size of treeview and listview controles?
Also would it be better to create all that on dialog window (resource), or manually by CreateWindowEx etc..
Posted on 2003-10-27 18:30:39 by Mikky
1) The combo-box i believe can be Owner Drawn, in which you would add your icon as required.

2) The "spitters" are call rebar if Im not mistaken. Im not too familiar with them but i believe you can get them working for you with just API's as well as doing some COM Stuff. If i remember correctly, Ernie has a tutorial on his web site showing how he made such an example with COM.

3) Definitely use CreateWindowEx for any serious application such as this. Dialog boxes are convienent if you dont mind how windows likes to do things, but for stuff like rebar etc. i would not use it.

Example: (I found this on my HD)
Posted on 2003-10-27 18:46:31 by NaN
Hi NaN,

I find creating GUI with CreateWindowEx pretty much difficult job, so far I alwasy used dialogs. What is the most painless way to create GUI that way, I mainly mean on things like how can I calculate where controles should be (when creating resource dialogs you can move everything by mouse which is quite convinient and you can see result right away).
Posted on 2003-10-27 19:23:10 by Mikky
I do the math... Dynamically in the program by getting the window and client rectangles. But i know what your getting at, math is one thing, but seeing its results is another.

To get you more or less constrained into the right direction, i ofter use a dialog editor to layout basically what it should look like, and then either hard code the results in the RC file in my CreateWindowEx version, OR if i expect things to resize with the window i will figure out the percentages an write routines to dynamically ensure a control is "x point = 10% of screen width, y point = 23% of screen height" etc. etc.

I agree it certainly is dog-work, but its has to be done. For something like your project this is not alot of work tho! You only have a few controls and they will occupy large chunks of the windows space...

Posted on 2003-10-27 19:31:23 by NaN