I was eating a piece of cheese today, tillamook sharp cheddar to be exact, when it hit me, nothing is more 1337. I mean bagles are 1337, so is cake, and all sorts of other crap. But i mean really, even if your lactose intolerant, what could be cooler that a piece of cheese. Its a bacteria process for christ sakes, and its just, well, 1337. :) If you can think of something more 1337, please let me know...

(For you uncool people, or people who arent complete losers, 1337 is derived from elite, 1337 = l33t = leet= lite = elite)

:) Snoop :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-28 17:20:10 by Snoopy2K
Just wondering, what were you drinking while eating that cheese? :rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-10-28 17:37:01 by QvasiModo
:cool: ROFLOL!

Posted on 2003-10-28 18:27:00 by cdquarles
Well, the word "rather" is very 1337 as well.
Posted on 2003-10-28 18:58:24 by Snoopy2K
I know what you mean Snoopy2K. I have been really hooked on this pepper romano cheese from Italy - I mean you usually grate this stuff and sprinkle it on, but I find my self eating slices - it is so good. I like very hard cheeses and cheese soup.

It is not so 1337 to use 1337 - sorry.
Posted on 2003-10-28 19:41:34 by bitRAKE
More cheese with that whine? ;) I like cheese, but am lactose intollerant.

I often thought eclairs were 1337. I mean, come on ... a chocolate pastry with a cream filling?! 1337!

(Halloween is severely 1337 too!)
Posted on 2003-10-28 19:47:02 by Masmer
i like a good drye sharp cheese and also a new york style smoked cheese
Posted on 2003-10-28 22:43:16 by devilsclaw
NOOOO!!! How can tacos be winning? Cheese is so much more 1337 than tacos. And it is to 1337 to say 1337, like me. Ima cool guy, w00t. :) What about drinks. Its a given that Dr. Pepper is the most 1337 drink, because i mean really, what can compare? But im starting to think that this Dr. Pepper isnt really a doctor... Is that slander or libel, false advertisement. I smell a law suit coming on :D

Posted on 2003-10-28 23:29:39 by Snoopy2K
Slander is spoken, libel is written. I swear that there's a whole section about these terms in the chapter I'm studying for my American National Government class.

I often mix Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew together for a Dr. Dew (or Mountain Pepper). Is that against copyright laws?
Posted on 2003-10-29 11:15:00 by Masmer

NOOOO!!! How can tacos be winning?

I vote for it because I could :tongue:
I mean is there a more 1337 reason than "because I can"?
ph34r t3h cut3 ones! / or megatokyo r0xX0r!

/me just waiting for lightning to strike, or the sky to clear so I can see some northerlight (or whatever the english namefor "norrsken" is, you know, the light phenomena that occurs nearth the north and south pole when earth's magnetic field get's hit by the solar wind/plasma cloud)

Masmer, you've just broken every ?opyright law there is, I guess you're looking at +50 years of spanking, beating and AIX matinence, poor you :(

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
Posted on 2003-10-29 14:17:48 by scientica
Nice post, i dont understand nothing :P

But if I get the idea, then i think can be: try understand a language that you dont know.

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-10-29 21:50:42 by rea
Two Ice-cubes and a glass half full of some 10 year old Irish Wiskey is not just NEAT, it is also 1337..
Posted on 2003-10-29 22:03:34 by NaN

Talked myslef into another glass... gotta go :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-29 22:04:26 by NaN
Northern lights? I have no clue what that has to do with cheese. But we call that the "aurora bory allis" (spelled phenetically). Pshh, drinking alcohol is great, but its not always appropraite. And you cant drink alcohol with milk products, or it will curdle and u will be hat'n it to say the least. SCREW TACOS! 1337 = Cheese!
Posted on 2003-10-30 00:05:09 by Snoopy2K
Why not mix taxos with queso!!! = quesadillas!!!

This is called Oaxaca chesee, you put in the middle of the tortilla :D, burn a little and let the chesee milk, and you can add a salsa picante, this l337 :).

Nice day or night.
Posted on 2003-10-30 00:43:54 by rea
a White Russian is Vodka with Thick Cream and its one of my fave drinks...
Posted on 2003-10-30 01:29:43 by devilsclaw
Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack of the killer tomatoooooooeees, attaaaaaaack of the killer tomatooooeees!!
Posted on 2003-10-30 07:36:17 by Hiroshimator

a White Russian is Vodka with Thick Cream and its one of my fave drinks...

what is thick cream? milk cream?
Posted on 2003-10-30 07:36:55 by Hiroshimator

what is thick cream? milk cream?
Cream is made by separating milk into fat-rich cream and an almost fat-free (skimmed) milk. This is usually done by centrifugal force.

There are many varieties of cream, categorized according to the amount of milk fat in it:

Light cream, also called coffee or table cream, can contain anywhere from 18 to 30 percent fat, but commonly contains 20 percent. It can not be whipped.

Whipping cream contains 30 to 36 percent milk fat and sometimes stabilizers and emulsifiers. Whipping cream will double in volume when whipped.

Heavy cream, also called heavy whipping cream, is whipping cream with a milk fat content of between 36 and 40 percent. It's usually only available in specialty or gourmet markets.

Half-and-half is a mixture of equal parts milk and cream, and is 10 to 12 percent milk fat, and can not be whipped.
Half-and-half is used by most in drinks.

I prefer Tuaca/Irish Cream/Coffee. :alright:
Posted on 2003-10-30 07:56:31 by bitRAKE

Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack of the killer tomatoooooooeees, attaaaaaaack of the killer tomatooooeees!!

1337! :grin:
Posted on 2003-10-30 16:17:42 by QvasiModo