My friend has a computer and his brother keeps starting the comuter and pushing the key's ! I would help him by creating a program that can read the key's even if windows did not started yet or is at the log in status ...and so on. To bust the little#@#Bugger .

Is this possible ? from a dos prog ?
or a VxD ? in W95,W98???

If you know please help ?
(Friend:"Mother won't let my bro in my room if he is cought ...")
Please .
Posted on 2001-10-24 06:55:05 by Rosky

Is this possible ?

Yes, use SetWindowsHookEx().

from a dos prog ?


or a VxD ? in W95,W98???

Yes, VxD's get loaded before any login screens get presented. And a VxD will work in any version of Windows.

(Friend:"Mother won't let my bro in my room if he is cought ...")

Install WinNT or Win2K Prof, that will keep him locked out if you are not there :)
Posted on 2001-10-24 07:05:08 by sluggy
System to old to WinNt or Win2k and i need the program should log them if dos or windows .
The hook from windows does not work from DOS !!!!
So ...
Posted on 2001-10-24 07:15:37 by Rosky
The simplest solution is to give the little brother a slapping until he realises that he should not play with the pc. No programming required, and it doesn't matter about the age of the system.

Not that i am advocating violence, but little brothers are made to be beaten up on :)
Posted on 2001-10-24 18:36:45 by sluggy
Write your own screen saver...

Then you wont need to do any hooking etc, cause it will be the only Keyboard active program running.

Posted on 2001-10-24 20:14:04 by NaN
If the kid wants to use the computer, he can be pretty resourceful - I know I was. I'm all for slapping the little guy around a bit - I have a little brother. :) NaN's idea is good, but the little guy will just turn the computer off, then on. Win9x wasn't made for security. Maybe if you have a boot password, too? If my brother is any indication, the slapping around bit didn't do him any good. He always had bigger friends.
Posted on 2001-10-24 21:51:47 by bitRAKE