NOTE! It will index and print, notice comments in cdlist.asm so you can assmble it to work with NT/W2k.

Apparently this will work in win9x but not win2000 as a resource file. Hope this helps anybody if they make the same mistake. Notice the extra comma in the About part of the menu after MF_HELP. Also I will be releasing the sourcecode to my cdlist program soon. Its pretty crappy right now as it has no optimizations, and is calling a batch file to do the directory listings.
And the export to database function still puzzles me why it still has flukes, in other words sometimes it creates good databases, other times it creates multigig peaces of junk.

If anybody can explain to me why my program works after looking at the source code in its current state, you must be some type of claravoiant.

Well, after I release the source in almost the current state its in, I will begin work on implementing a linked list algorithm, and start optimizing it. Right now its usefull if you want to know how to call batch files, and have them singnal you when there done running. Also I think the convert indexfile to database might be usefull to somebody if I ever get it working right 100%.This is my first real program so I hope somebody finds its usefull as my friend who inspired me to write it and uses it all the time, and doesn't expect too much(at least right away :-)

Posted on 2001-10-24 08:07:23 by GreySpatula