It appeared that F1 help feature works
differently from other F1+...
As if it works with word groups,
for example if there is some API proc under carret
it call Win32.hlp, mneminic - opcodes.hlp.
The name of hlp file seems to be hard coded,
at least I haven't found any config file or
anything else where I can optionaly can define
the name of needed hlp file.
The same about array of word groups, I have no idea
where they are defined.
So I've setted experiment:
Usually I use eas86x.hlp, I changed its names
to opcodes.hlp and RadAsm began call it instead of
original one.
Yet method of invoking hlp file is a different one
from F1+...
I'll you an example.
For clearity let me repead - now
I have 2 copies of the same file eas86x.hlp with different
different names - opcodes.hlp and eas86x.hlp.
With carret on "mov" both F1 and F1+ctrl invoked the same
hlp file (but different copies of it with different names)
and the file was opened on the same topic.
I tried to invoke it 2 ways while carret was on a word "scasb"

When I pressed just F1 - I saw message that word is not found,
"No help available for this keyword." - in the output window and
Win32.hlp was ran.

Well, might be you can tell a little bit more about this F1
special feature and how one can control it.
Or might be its not RadAsm native feature - and is something
that some addin does?
Anyway - push me in right direction if you can.
Posted on 2003-10-30 13:39:48 by The Svin
Hi The Svin,

Qweerdy's MSDN help addin will channel keywords to different help files for you. You must edit the help.mdb file in the AddIns folder and add keywords and specify which file is used when that keyword is encountered. The F1 key will always call Win32.hlp unless you change it or have msdnhelp active. If you download the addin source there is an explanation of how to set it up included.
Posted on 2003-10-30 13:46:18 by donkey
yes I turn on the addin.
But cannot get help from MSDN (though I have MSDN and
put path to it in the addin file)
Where I can download the source for further reference?
Posted on 2003-10-30 15:01:13 by The Svin
The source is available from Ketil's site. What version of MSDN do you have ? Does it use HTML Help 2 ? If yes then you must format the command line in the mdb like this :


And include the help2 viewer in your addins folder:

I have never managed to get it working with DExplore, I once asked for some help doing it but never really got back to it.
Posted on 2003-10-30 19:54:04 by donkey
I use MSDN - January 2001.
I had problems with latest 2003, so I return to 2001.
I changed filename for API hlp file to
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\MSDN\2001JAN\1033\MSDN100.COL
I that what your meant talking about "command line"?
But it doesn't work.
Nothing happens.
I have no idea what else I should do.
I got the viewer for HTML -2 help, and put it in addin folder,
anyway - I guess it does no help for me, since I use older MSDN.
Apart from our topic - when I tried to run the viewer - it said
that "MS Help 2.x not found".
Anyway nor the viewer niether anything else appeared now when I press
F1, no error messages also - nothing.

BTW, about your RadAsm.chm.
I started collect a little bit more complete list of RadAsm keyboard
shorcuts, might it can help you with editing your chm file.
Here it is in chm file, just one topic with shortcuts.
Posted on 2003-10-31 06:04:21 by The Svin
Hi The Svin,

If you do not have any help2 files installed the framework won't be there so the software won't run, the viewer is only for help2 format. I'm afraid that I have never set up MSDNHelp with the older library so I can't comment directly on it. Qweerdy will have to help you with that, maybe PM him so you are sure that he will see your question. I only added the Help2 support for the APR2003 library that was available for download a while back.
Posted on 2003-10-31 06:29:15 by donkey