I'm currently about to implement some "extended" edit features for listviews in report mode,
a bit like the properties dialogs in VB.

Source code and a test application may be downloaded from http://www.japheth.de/download/TestDlg.zip

Its a beta version and bug reports are welcome. I'm interested especially if code works for Win2k and high screen resolutions (1280>). If you can supply such infos, please do.


Heres a screenshot of the test app:
Posted on 2003-11-02 12:04:57 by japheth

here's a special listview dll (in assembler) with enhanced editfunction.
It's a german program, but that should be no problem to you, oder ?


Posted on 2003-11-04 13:03:36 by Nordwind64
Thanks Nordwind64,

this dll looks really nice, but I made my listview version simply to implement some editing features in another app and kept it simple and small (some hundreds bytes I guess). Cannot integrate source code of 1,2 MB in size for a minor matter.

Posted on 2003-11-05 06:26:20 by japheth
Spotted a few problems with your control on Windows 2000:

1. If the second column finishes just past the right side of the list control, and the combo box item has been selected (button half visible), when you scroll with the list control scroll bar, the buttons painting is all screwed up.

2. Again related to scrolling, the in place edit control is not moved when the column is moved, by using the scroll bar at the bottom.

3. When columns are being resized, you need to hide the in place edit control. Easiest to see by selecing text in the column, then change the size of the column by using the header control.

The in place editing seems to work ok though.

Posted on 2003-11-05 06:53:55 by Nick
Hi Nick,

thanks for reporting errors.

1) + 2). By looking in the code I see

.elseif ((eax == WM_VSCROLL) || (eax == WM_MOUSEWHEEL) || (eax == LVM_ENDEDITMODE))

so WM_HSCROLL should be inserted there as well.

3). I have some difficulties to reproduce this error. if inplace edit/combobox control looses focus (because the user resizing a column for example) it will in any case be destroyed.

Posted on 2003-11-05 10:02:46 by japheth
I have attached an image of the listview in the process of having the column width changed

Posted on 2003-11-05 10:31:17 by Nick

Cannot integrate source code of 1,2 MB in size for a minor matter

The size of the dll is only 21.5 KB...

Posted on 2003-11-05 14:18:55 by Nordwind64

The size of the dll is only 21.5 KB

Sounds much better, Nordwind64. Source code size of 1,2 MB (possibly compressed) has really frightened me.

I just updated the source to fix the bugs reported from Nick

Posted on 2003-11-06 03:27:05 by japheth