I know this is kind of lame from me (please excuse)

But i need (for a task i have) an easy and fast way to create an PE executable in C or C++

The exe should be kind of SFX one aka will be a kind of auto decrypt when you click it of course if you have the right key/credentials

I am kind of stuck in here so any advices, help will be appreciated...

I was thinking to create the exe section by section folowwing Icz's tutorials ...

Decryptor is not my own so i will have to pack inside my SFX at least the encrypted message/text and the decryptor itself :grin:

I guess i will have to extract them from the SFX as separated files and then run the third party decryptor on the message file... any other ideeas?
Posted on 2003-11-02 14:05:53 by BogdanOntanu
there is no easy way to do it.

the only (lame) way is pressing compile button;)

if you want to create PE EXE you should to define some PE structures and add bin file or obj included main code as resources.

If you want to easy create PE EXE from C file in C/C++ it looks like you should to do a C/C++ compiler.

I do not know about easiest way.

Posted on 2003-11-04 02:45:50 by HarryTuttle
Hehe, thanks for reply man

I was guessing the same... but i had to try didn't I? :tongue: sometimes is nice to feel newbie arround

I already have an C/C+= compiler it is named M$ VC 6.0 :grin:

So I will do it the right=hard way
Posted on 2003-11-04 06:41:10 by BogdanOntanu
Hi Bogdan!
It?s good tool for it ,

I was always against the M$ and recommended dev-c++ but when I would like to asm something it was really hard to understanding using AT&T syntax instead of Intel.

Now I use both of them but prefer the expensive one M$.

If you do some structures then put them to header file for next generations;)
Best regards,
Posted on 2003-11-04 09:25:37 by HarryTuttle

I did some work on pe structure creation for a compiler i'm currently working on, this structure is only a proposal but it is extremely simple to understand (only exe 1 section).

This could be used with fasm (probably).

Posted on 2003-11-04 09:47:14 by hitchhikr