well im a newb ASM programer
i learned a little c/c++ and vb but its not chalenging enough
anyway i know allmost all the cmds(in 16 bit) and ill start to read the tutorials but i have a Q
how i can call a file? i know stack,memory and all that but how can i do the same for files say a program that call a music file(mp3) can you help me out here? thx :grin:
a zip file will b welcomed :D
Posted on 2001-10-24 15:38:34 by merlin
To "call" a file, use the API function ShellExecute(). This will execute an exe, or if the file is a data file of some sort (i.e. a Word doc, or an mp3 file), it will launch the container app that is set up in the file associations.
Posted on 2001-10-24 18:33:22 by sluggy