"The Revolutionary Guide to Assembly Language"

For the people who have read this and are doing win32 programming in masm. Could you point out the more useful chapters for me? All I am trying to learn is the 32bit info.
Posted on 2003-11-03 16:35:46 by elix002
I would think Chapters 1 through 5, as everything after that is strickly DOS\BIOS related. Ch. 1-5 cover the basics of using Masm 6.1 and assembly language in general. Then get a book on Win32 API programming (using C) to prepare for the Iczelion tutorials.

2 cents.
Posted on 2003-11-03 19:48:38 by Masmer
Check out "The Art of Assembly" on Webster at

"Revolutionary..." was written back in the early 90's before much 32-bit code was written. It makes an okay instruction set reference, but most of the rest of the stuff is 16-bit/DOS based and the info just doesn't apply to Windows.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-11-04 13:24:23 by rhyde

Getting into 32 bit coding means using the later stuff available as the old style of DOS assembler is not much use to you. For documentation, get the Intel manuals from Intel, get enough Windows API reference so you can look up what you need, either the old WIN32.HLP or MSDN or the PLATFORMSDK.

You will be a lot better off if you can at least read C code as kmost of the Windows 32 bit examples and reference are written in C. The only book I would recommend to a beginner is the latest book by Randy Hyde.

For Windows architecture, I would look for an older version of Petzold that is written in C rather than later C++ as you can directly emulate that type of code in MASM and similar assemblers.

Good Luck
Posted on 2003-11-04 17:47:26 by hutch--
I started straight from 32-bit asm (and programming in the whole), and twice I tried to help people here that wanted a 16-bit DOS app to do stg. It got me strange chills and headaches to code limited. Uhm, in pure DOS, the cpu is in real mode, and I can't use "mov ,ax" , can I ?
Anyway, I will never ever want to code for DOS. Never.
Iczelion's tutes, and the ones , found in MASM7/8 rule ;) .
I learnt the very very basics from the first chapters of AOA, if I remember correctly.
Posted on 2003-11-05 05:32:00 by Ultrano