Right, i was wondering if anybody knows any sites where i can learn about coding demo's or using demo FX within my programs.

I would mainly like to know how to do sinus waves and make my bitmaps on my window of my programs use special fx?

If anybody knows any sites or even has any examples which i could study i would be very gratefull.

contact either here or email:


Posted on 2001-10-24 17:27:29 by CyberUK
Do you want to write all your own functions? Do you want to use DirectX or just plain GDI stuff?

The best site for GDI would be Ron's which has a tonne of stuff, including a sinewave example.
Posted on 2001-10-25 05:26:56 by Eóin
I recommend Programmers Heaven, having many fx sources,
including plasma, fire, stars, etc.

P. Heaven

adapting to win32 is not very difficult ...
Posted on 2001-10-26 07:40:05 by beaster