When compiling, RADASM reported DOSLINK is missing. But I don't found this file in MASM32 package. Where can I get this file?
Posted on 2003-11-06 06:43:54 by optimus
The release notes for the DOS projects can be found in \RadASM\Masm\Projects\DOS\ReadMe.txt.

Here the part of the readme concerning DOSLNK:
The DOSLNK.EXE file is the Microsoft Linker version 5.60.339.

To debug your DOS projects you can use Microsoft CodeView.
Linker and debugger can be downloaded from the following link:


Extract the files in a temporary location and copy the following files to your MASM32\bin folder.

Filename Version Description
-------- ------- -----------
LINK.EXE 5.60.339 Linker *** (rename it to DOSLNK.EXE) ***
CVPACK.EXE 4.26.01 DOS CV4 information optimization utility
CV.EXE 4.10 MS-DOS CodeView debugger for MS-DOS
EED1CXX.DLL 4.10 Expression evaluator for MS-DOS C/C++
EMD1D1.DLL 4.10 Execution model for MS-DOS to MS-DOS
SHD1.DLL 4.10 Symbol handler for MS-DOS
TLD1LOC.DLL 4.10 Local transport layer for MS-DOS

If you're not interested in the debugger, you can download Linker and
CVPACK only from [url]http://spiff.tripnet.se/~iczelion/files/Lnk563.exe[/url]
(extract the files, rename LINK.EXE to DOSLNK.EXE and put them in MASM32\bin folder).
Posted on 2003-11-06 06:50:22 by Cip
Thanks guy for replying me so soon! :)
Posted on 2003-11-06 06:53:03 by optimus