Antonis and I have been discussing for a few days the current unreliability in uptime of where it is hosted now. Him and I both want to move the site to somewhere it can stay instead of hopping around.

Brinkster's free webhosting was good until the web's bandwidth started exceeding the limits of the free account. Brinkster also recently started requiring banners on each page.

I found out yesterday my ISP does not allow hosting a website locally (without a fee). So I need to get the site off my PPro 180 anyway.

So we are open to any suggestions on where to move the site to. Or if someone here hosts sites and doesn't mind making room for WinAsm's site, please contact me. Thank you for your time. (resume coding)
Posted on 2003-11-06 07:32:55 by Masmer
WinAsm really needs a home!

Thanks Masmer for all your efforts!

If anybody is willing to help, please do.


Posted on 2003-11-06 07:42:23 by akyprian
how much bandwidth does it consume then?
Posted on 2003-11-06 09:11:49 by Hiroshimator
.. and what about the size of the site ?
Posted on 2003-11-06 09:38:13 by PhoBos

how much bandwidth does it consume then?
You can get the bandwidth stats at the bottom of this page (if it's up when you try the link):

.. and what about the size of the site ?
Right now it's about 42.4 MB, but that includes every version of WinAsm\Visual Asm and almost every version of add-ins. I hope to get more screenshots up on the site soon too.

I've already received one offer via PM. I'm looking into that now ...
Posted on 2003-11-06 10:00:00 by Masmer

Thanks to all for the interest!



Masmer you got mail!
Posted on 2003-11-06 10:28:06 by akyprian
Thanks to Azrim.

The WinAsm website has a new location.

URL will be:

For anyone keeping track,
the VRL should always point to current location (but with popups),
the DNS Alias will redirect to new URL if my server is online.
Posted on 2003-11-07 07:42:50 by Masmer