Hello all,

when i started with assembly 2 months ago i wished i had something like
this, now that i learned enough API and ASM i wrote my own demo.
I used Masm32/Radasm to write a simple application that stores usersettings
on program exit.

I tried to keep it as clean and clear as possible, i didnt used any MACROS too.

    This program can: (Screenshot)
    [*]Save strings, numerics at program exit and reloads them on program start.
    [*]Save and Load custom user dialog caption.
    [*]Load a custom listbox string.
    [*]Save radiobutton status on program exit and loads them on program start.
    [*]Save checkbox status on program exit and loads them on program start.
    [*]Choose a custom backgroundcolor, save its value and reload it on program start.
    [*]Save the dialogs screenposition and its height and width on program end, reload on start.

    I tested this program only under WIN NT.40 SP6a, maybe there are some bugs on XP or 2k.
    If you find any improvements or things that are wrong with my code pls. let my know.
    I am not a prof. programmer and still a beginner to API and ASM and
    have lots more to learn.

    The whole code is very well commented -
    If you are new to MASM this is a great demo to start learning some very basics about
    user custom settings. No need for registry, --> Settings.ini is faster and easier to handle.

    The demo shows the usage of Hutchs functions from his masm32 library,

      [*]File exists
      [*]Conversions: atodw,dwtoa and htodw
      [*]and a few more



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Posted on 2003-11-07 02:20:18 by Ranma_at
here is the file
Posted on 2003-11-07 02:20:39 by Ranma_at
Ranma_at: nice example :alright:
... and works ok on WinXPSP1

keep up the good work !
Posted on 2003-11-07 06:02:18 by TBD