I'm trying to get a hold of Iczelion to gain permission to use a dll he made, but I am having a terrible time finding anything with his name attached to it that took place past mid 2002...anyone know where I could get a hold of him?

Posted on 2003-11-07 07:04:28 by eMpTy
you want to catch him, to be in touch with him or kill him because of his tutorials?

I do not think so this is going on only permisson for using a dll....
You may placed his nick in credits...or something like that...
The most of his programs are freeware.:grin:
Posted on 2003-11-07 07:21:28 by HarryTuttle
Thanks for the quick response...I'll take that as an ok...It was suggested to me that asking permission would be a good idea...but I guess Iczelion isn't around much to say ok himself...

Thanks again,
Posted on 2003-11-07 07:53:01 by eMpTy

If Iczelion posted the DLL, it is OK to use it but you can forget trying to contact him, he has been unavailable for 18 months or so and that is to the people who knew him well. He has a very high workload and a busy life as well so I would not expect to see him in any hurry.

Posted on 2003-11-07 08:02:37 by hutch--
Well the problem is I got the dll from another script, I asked the guy who wrote that script and he said that I should get permission from iczelion before I used it. Given that the guy hasn't told me how to contact iczelion after I've asked multiple times I'm guessing that he just said that since Iczelion obviously has a lot of freeware stuff out there and has been unavailable for so long.

Thanks all for the quick response.

Posted on 2003-11-07 08:48:38 by eMpTy