I'm writing a frontend for Mame.
Mame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) is a famous emulator for arcade games. The main version of mame is a win32 console-based program.

Gremaf is written in masm32 and is completely free. It is distribuited under the GPL licence.
I need this kind of help:

    [*]Some coders that can develop Gremaf with me
    [*]Some translators. Gremaf uses a plugin based system to support internationalization. All the resources are compiled in a dll that is loaded at runtime with load LoadLibrary. This dll contain only resources and not code. Error messages are in a message table. The translator should only translate 2 text files : a .rc file and a .mc file
    [*]Documentation is written in html and compiled with HthlHelp Workshop. I need some translators that can translate the documentation
    [*]Beta tester. People who can find bug in my program
    [*]Also simple user are appreciated. Someone who find my work useful

    My homepage is http://greenant.altervista.org
    If you want you can subscibe to my forum
Posted on 2003-11-08 05:46:58 by greenant