Where is the difference between GetMessage and GetMessageA?
Win32 Programmers's Reference lists GetMessage, but most (or all??) asm programs I have seen use the GetMessageA. The parameters passed to the function look the same. What is the reason for the different name?
If I do use the "correct"?? Win32 Programmers's Reference function call I get the folowing Linker Error:
The following symbol was undefined:-
Your help is greatly apreciated
Posted on 2003-11-08 12:43:44 by Klod
There is no difference. Windows NT and to a more limited extent Windows 9x have the ability to use either a UNICODE or ANSI version of a function. The UNICODE wrapper is identified with a W suffix and the ANSI version is identified with an A. In the include files with MASM32 you will find equates for the functions that look like this

SendMessage equ <SendMessageA>

When you use SendMessage in your code it will be replaced by SendMessageA as SendMessage does not really exist in the API without the A or W suffix. Only those functions which can have a text element need wrapper functions as UNICODE and ANSI only affect text. Unless you are writing a UNICODE or multi-lingual application you should always use the ANSI version of the function.
Posted on 2003-11-08 12:52:44 by donkey