i'd like to call a winAPI that would launch a printerdialogbox with another default selected mode ! (lanscape)

could anybody enlight me ?

Posted on 2001-10-25 09:11:13 by tchaou
I wrote a printer function a while ago... Its just like GDI work but to a hDC that belongs to the printer... there is a few exta API's tho...

The example file is from a Ground Grid Calculation program i designed for my engineering firm. Its a bunch of non-linear mathematics that sucks to itterate by hand. So the output info is a series of Floats being printed (which is what this file does).

It has all the api's from start to finish in it, as well as how i went about printin out all the data.

Hope this helps...
Posted on 2001-10-25 12:05:53 by NaN